Friday, April 1, 2011

Seedling progress 4/1/11

I was able to take all my tomato seedlings outside for some sunshine yesterday, but today is pretty windy so they are back under the lights.

They are still looking great!

I have had a few people ask about my seed starting shelves, so here are a few more pictures:

I basically screwed eyelet screws into the sides of the plastic shelves and attached the shop lights with garden wire.  I can raise and lower the lights when I untwist the wire. I use one soft light and one daylight (T12s).  The lights on the top shelf are attached with the chains that came with the shop lights but it is difficult to raise and lower them, so I switched to the garden wire.

I moved almost everything but the tomatoes and peppers out to the coldframe to harden off.   For a list of everything I am growing look here:  2011 Garden Progress

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